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The Veterinary Palliative Care Journal Club is an online journal club that allows Veterinarians with an interest in palliative medicine to connect with each other, discuss cases and explore current research.

Our meetings are free to join and will run 4-6 times a year. If you’re a Veterinarian with an interest in this field, sign up below and join the conversation.  

Next Meeting:  

Date TBC. Meetings temporarily on hold due to the global pandemic.

We’re a global community. Check your timezone HERE 

Please Note: Eastern Daylight Time is equivalent to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -4hrs.

Join the mailing list to receive notification of all our meetings.

How it works:
  • Following sign up and a few weeks prior to the next meeting, you will receive an email that will prepare you for session participation.  The session topic and any articles to be examined will be included in this email. Please aim to have read the recommended material prior to the session date.
  • Sessions will be conducted via zoom and instructions on how to join will be emailed to you. 
  • For all new members, please watch the introductory session entitled ‘Introduction to Journal Club’ prior to your first meeting. The articles profiled here are recommended reading for all members. 
  • For those in timezones that make participation difficult, sessions will be recorded and are available for viewing through the archives.